Our Athletes

Win The Fight Nutrition is proud to sponsor and collaborate with some of the toughest athletes on the planet ranging from the bodybuilding arena and mix martial arts, to Crossfitters and powerlifters.

Our athletes are at the top of their respective sports, with many holding championship belts, qualifying for world championships, or winning major competitions. And they all have one thing in common – they achieve success through hard work, dedication, and a total commitment to their sport and their health.

We are excited to work with these athletes and help them achieve even more in their careers. We provide them with the best products and advice to help them win their next fight or competition. And we will continue to do so as they progress further in their careers. Stay tuned for future updates.

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IFBB Pro – Victoria Flores

Victoria is a professional IFBB Pro, certified Health/Life Coach, and personal trainer. Her journey to the Olympia stage started at 17 years old. Victoria is also the owner of Fit 4 Life Desserts. She’s well-known in the bodybuilding circuit, an ambassador for Win The Fight Nutrition, and more!

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Pro MMA Fighter – Serena “The Southpaw Outlaw” De Jesus

Serena DeJesus is a talented and inspirational fighter we are proud to have involved with our brand. She trains hard, supports her friends and team, has confidence, and drives to do what others aren’t willing to do. She does this by being the first-ever female autistic MMA fighter.

Serena embodies the message of following your dream – if you work hard enough for it you can do it. From an east coast girl to now fighting on the world’s biggest MMA stages, “The Southpaw Outlaw” has fought for Invicta Fighting Championships as well UFC Fight Pass.

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Evelio Ledesma

2021 Steve Karr Las Vegas Champion – Evelio “Val” Ledesma

Val has been in the bodybuilding area for the past 20 years, all the while racking up NPC bodybuilding titles to being recognized in Muscle & Fitness as light heavyweight champion 2015 and most recently the 2021 Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic, Men’s Overall Championship. Val has won in many different avenues in life and fitness and is an entrepreneur and owner of Bliss Fuel located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Val brings his knowledge from many different avenues of life to help others achieve their set goals with Bliss Fuel Weight Loss Coaching and endorses Win The Fight Nutrition.

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Pro Body Builder Fred Chervy

Professional Bodybuilder and Musclemania® Canada Physique Champion Fred Chevry

Fred is a natural bodybuilding champion and creator of the “The Razor” an online virtual training app that yields tremendous results with his competition experience and implementation of Win The Fight supplements in his training programs. Fred has what it takes to win and is showing others how to win the fight in fitness and conditioning.

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Oscar Mauricio Bravo Rodriguez

Professional Boxer – Oscar Mauricio “Bravo” Rodriguez

Oscar is a professional boxer from Santiago, Chile who heavily relies on intense training and conditioning. He is one of our newest sponsored athletes and always seeks new methods to improve his performance. Win The Fight nutrition is one of his favorite supplement brands, we’re proud to help him on the path to becoming a victor!

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Breianna Miller

Steve Karr 2022 Las Vegas Bikini Champion – Breianna Miller

Breianna Miller is the first place winner of the 2022 Steve Karr bikini category. We are proud to sponsor and support her as she continues her journey. As a personal trainer, Breianna has helped countless women get into their best shapes of their lives and has been a strong advocate for our supplements.

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